Mobile Giving is Here!

Start raising money through mobile donations

mGive allows your organization to raise money through text message donations. Supporters of your cause send a text message to your keyword & short code and their $5 or $10 donation is applied to their cell phone bill. Once you create a campaign, you can drive awareness via print, radio, television, online and social network adverts.
Promote your campaign

mGive provides you with everything you need to collect donations and communicate with donors

  • Your own campaign specific keyword
  • Shared Short Code provisioned for cross-carrier mobile giving
  • Real-time online reporting
  • Mobile marketing tool kit
  • Free SMS messaging
  • Mobile donation widgets for Facebook, MySpace, blogs and all other websites
  • Text alert scheduler
  • Volunteer management tool
  • Mobile web donor data collection

Distribution of Proceeds

Mobile phone user sends a text message to make a $5 donation to a specific charity. A nontaxable charge is added to the user's mobile phone bill. The funds are collected from each carrier by the The mGive Foundation (TMF) and then sent to the appropriate charity in approximately 90 days.
Distribution of proceeds

How Donations Are Billed

Wireless Bill After a mobile user makes a mobile donation, the $5 donation is added to the mobile phone user’s regular wireless bill.

Setting up your mGive account is quick & easy

Why mGive?

mGive provides your organization with everything it needs to launch and maintain a successful mobile donation campaign.