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We know that life in the nonprofit world is crazy. Introducing mGive's Digital Agency Services, designed to make it all a little easier. Our goal is to minimize your stress, distractions, and responsibilities, while delivering effective, powerful content fueled by your amazing stories.

You're doing incredible work for the good of the world, and your supporters deserve to hear about it. With easy to use, ready-made templates, guided, in-depth strategy sessions, and powerful marketing tools, we can help turn your nonprofit into a digital powerhouse, without increasing your workload.

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There's Never Enough Time in the Day 

We know it can be hard to do all you need to at a nonprofit. There are so many plates to keep spinning, so many hats to be worn. After all the work you put into your cause, it can be overwhelming to think about spreading the news, especially now that there are so many ways to get the word out.

Maximize Your Hours

We want to make sure your donors always know what you're up to, keeping them engaged and interested in your cause. Donor engagement via all of the digital channels available to us today - social media, email, text messaging, and more - is a crucial part of a sustainable long-term growth strategy. With ready-made, easy to use templates for emails, SMS messages, and social posts, strategy sessions with real people, and a personalized approach to each campaign, we seek to deliver maximum results for minimum bandwidth. We want to help you spread your message wide, without spreading yourself too thin. 

Bigger Reach, Bigger Response, Bigger Funds

Dive into the future of your organization with the peace of mind that comes from a dependable, comprehensive growth strategy, and rest easy knowing that you are in good hands. Our team of digital marketing experts works tirelessly to bring you the best tools, features, tips, and tricks to grow and expand your cause.

With a comprehensive toolkit of digital services and platforms, relationships with the world's top marketing technology providers, and a robust skill-set made up of a collective century of digital experience, we have everything we need to guide your nonprofit to increased online engagement, increased donor retention, and increased revenue. Let's team up today.
The best platforms and services, used by world-leading companies.
In depth, detailed, personalized. 

Increased revenue, increased budget, increased impact.
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