Our Story

Our Story

mGive is the next generation of fundraising. We're a one stop shop to help you reach new donors, build an active giving community, and engage with your supporters, with a goal of helping you raise more funds in less time. 

We've been a part of some of the biggest fundraising campaigns in history, and have lovingly infused that experience into a platform capable of supporting causes both large and small.

A Proud History

Rally4 was founded in 2014 by the team of Frank Richards and Jonathan Bray, two experienced digital marketers with a desire for something more: helping nonprofits achieve equal footing with for-profit corporations in the marketplace. Shortly thereafter, Rally4 acquired mGive, the world-leading Text to Give platform, and set out to develop a rich stack of technology designed to help nonprofits bring in more funds.

Since 2008, mGive has been leading the charge for text-based donations, pioneering the technology and forming relationships with all of the nation's leading cellular carriers. Since then, we have worked with over 1,500 nonprofit partners to raise over $100 million from more than 100,000 individual donors. We are born and bred from a proud tradition of marketing excellence; moving forward, we seek to make it even easier for our nonprofit partners to expand their work, increase their budgets, and better serve the world.


We didn't just stumble into the world of text donations: we invented it. In 2007, when flip-phones were many and Blackberries reigned supreme, we set out to make it easier than ever before for donors to engage with their favorite causes. We built direct, one-on-one relationships with all of the major US cellular carriers, developed a powerful system with world-class stability, and brought it to market, just for our nonprofit partners. Ever since, we've worked to provide nonprofits with the tools they need to grow, expand, and thrive, always on the cutting edge.


Our team lays claim to more than a century of digital marketing experience, and has been highly trained to best suit your needs and provide you the best advice on the market. 
Frank Richards
Chief Executive Officer
Winston Cook
Chief Operating Officer
Jonathan Bray
Chief Innovation Officer
Angela Whaley
VP of Client Strategy
Chris Roberston
Director of Finance

Jeff Mannel
VP of Business Development
Ethan Kotel
Digital Marketing Specialist
George Grant
Director of Mobile Giving Advisory
Mariam Shareefy
Client Success Specialist
Adam Davidson
Director of Engineering
Matt Jackson
VP of Tech Operations
Larry Carstensen
Mobile Giving Advisor
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