Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth

bigger budget, bigger impact

Growing Sustainable Revenue to Maximize Impact

We want to change the way nonprofits think about revenue. Here at mGive, we strive to increase your total funds raised, so that you can increase your impact - expanding your cause to help as many people as possible.


Sustainable, predictable revenue is the key to growth in your organization's reach, team, and impact. We'll help you reach new prospective donors and implement best in practice strategies to nurture relationships - taking a donor from not knowing anything about your organization, to becoming reliable financial backers.  With specifically targeted marketing and re-marketing, high-level segmentation and in-depth data collection, we will bring you high quality, long term donors, who are in it for the same reason you are. 


Data is everything, and the key to identifying your target audience and delivering segmented marketing & fundraising communication to drive traffic back to your conversion machine! New traffic is the catalyst to growth in your organization. Let's grow your community, foster new relationships, and build a sustainable revenue stream with recurring donors.


Once on your site, we'll implement best practices for the highest conversion lift... that means a sleek, smooth end user experience, highly engaging and compelling content, and powerful donor incentives, moving your new supporters towards becoming reliable, recurring donors. 
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