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It's time to change the way nonprofits think about revenue. It has been too difficult for too long for a nonprofit to break that $50 million revenue barrier seemingly reserved for corporations. We want to change that, starting right now.

Meet TESS, a next-generation, best in class technology suite, designed from the ground up with one goal in mind: making it easier than ever for nonprofits to raise funds. With over a dozen of the world's best technology platforms, hundreds of possible integrations, and a highly experienced digital marketing team pulling the strings, TESS will revolutionize the way you think about your organization's growth strategy.

Learn more about TESS today, and schedule a consultation to discuss your marketing needs and revenue goals. Let's change the world together.

The Myth

We hear, read, and see all too often that nonprofits shouldn't focus on revenue. After all, with no profits to worry about, charities can operate on smaller budgets, and just focus on keeping overhead low, right?

Here at mGive, we disagree. We believe that a successful nonprofit is one that is constantly expanding their cause, introducing new services, and doing more good. To accomplish that, you'll need a strong, sustainable revenue source.

Did you know that between 1975 and 2008, just 201 nonprofits crossed the $50 million revenue barrier? Our goal is to double, triple, quadruple that number, and finally put nonprofits on equal footing with for-profit corporations.

A Stack Unlike Any Other

Quite frankly, this has never been done before. We've put our heads together, poured through research, and scoured the globe to bring together the best of the best: world-class technology currently serving the world's top corporations. 

From the world's best email service providers to the most powerful social media managers, we have spared no expense in bringing you a package guaranteed to change the way you think about your growth strategy.

Technology isn't all you get, however. Your TESS membership also includes strategy sessions, a robust training curriculum, easy-to-use, ready-made templates for SMS, email, and social media posts, dedicated attention from our world-class digital marketing team, and lifetime access to future resources we release. We'll work directly with you and your staff to ensure that you have all the tools and knowledge you need to grow and thrive.

Change the World

Unlock the power of the digital age today, and team up with us as we strive to make 2017 the world's biggest year for nonprofit fundraising. 

We will never hesitate to find new and better ways to bring your message to the masses, and we are always looking for new things to try and new roads to explore. Sign up with TESS today to ride with confidence into the future, seated firmly on the cutting edge. 

Let's surpass your goals. Let's turn your organization into an online powerhouse. Schedule a consultation with a member of our team today to discuss how you can increase your bottom line, increase your budget, and increase your impact.
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