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Connect with today's donors, volunteers, & supporters whenever you want, wherever they are.


Powerful Features to Achieve Your Objectives

Robust payment gateways to capture funds easily and securely. Get easy, itemized reports of donations by donor.
Mobile Acquisition
 Innovative tools and strategies to acquire new donors, volunteers, and supporters, and a seamless transition for those you meet in real life into your digital sphere.
Mobile Marketing
Think what you want about SMS, but you can't argue with 99% open rates. Cut through the clutter with a premium MarCom channel.
Build and manage a robust community in your Relationship Management tools. Collect and view donor life cycle. Oh... and you own your own data. 
Connect with the hearts, minds, and souls of your donors. Track your video's success by viewing engagement stats.
Social Sharing
Easily share your campaigns to encourage virality. Most nonprofits grow their community through a grass-roots approach, let social media help fuel your growth.
Robust Analytics
Measure the effectiveness of your efforts with a rich set of metrics, making it easier to learn what's working, and cut out what isn't.
Fundraising Training 
Let's face it, our team's been at this fundraising thing a lot longer than the rest, and we've picked up a few tricks along the way. We'll be there to help you reach your goals.

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World Class Training

Our team of fundraising experts have worked hard to develop a best-in-class training curriculum, designed to quickly and easily help your organization expand, explore, and thrive. With our team behind you, and our suite of best in breed technologies, you'll never be alone again.
Growth Fundraising 
Learn how to use classic sales and marketing practices to grow your community of donors, volunteers, and supporters. 
Donor's Journey
Get a better idea of who your donors, volunteers, and supporters are and what engages them. Once you know your community, you can better connect and ignite.
Art of Storytelling
Practice telling heartfelt stories about the positive impact you have in this world. Storytelling is at the heart of effective fundraising and marketing content, and the key to attracting next generation supporters.
Exponential Fundraising
Turn your standard fundraising efforts into exponential growth by using automation, deepening existing relationships, and working through our engagement funnel to turn your supporters into Cause Champions.
Learn More About Our Features
Still a little shaky on what our features look like or how they're used? That's ok! Spencer is here to explain everything you need to know. 

If you sign up with mGive, you'll see more of Spencer through regular video tutorials, trainings, and webinars, to help you maximize your investment and get the most from your fundraising.
Frequently Asked Questions
Which Text to Give is Right for Me?
Text to Give Standard directs potential donors to a mobile responsive webpage that accepts credit card donations of any amount.

Text to Give Premium bills the donor's wireless carrier, so the donor doesn't even have to use a credit card to complete their donation.

How Soon Can We Get Set Up?
After a short registration process to ensure your nonprofit is in good standing, the whole process can be complete within a couple of hours. Text to Give Premium, the carrier bill method, can take up to 30 days to be approved by our carrier partners. Note: you must have an approved 501(C)3 status to use Text to Give.

What Data Can We Collect?
You can collect information on donors, volunteers, and supporters in numerous ways to help you create deeper relationships with your community. Donor life cycle management is a great way to have a clear picture of how and when to engage your donor community. And you own your data, and can use it however you want, whenever you want.

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