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Text to Give

giving made easy

Next generation donors demand next generation technology. Connect and engage with your supporters wherever they are.

Why Text to Give?

Easier Fundraising
With a call to donate sent directly to your donor's phone, simply tap a link and enter some credit card information. Donating has never been easier...
Premium Efficiency
...until now. With Text to Give Premium, in one word and less than 10 seconds, donors can connect and contribute to your cause. Hassle free, worry free donations.
Long Term Support
The average person keeps their phone number for 8 years, much longer than email or physical addresses. Maintain your donor base for longer, more easily.
Higher Engagement
98% open rates mean your message gets through. Higher clickthrough rates than email or advertisements mean your message gets heard.
The Opt-In Advantage
Since donors must opt-in to receive your texts, you can rest easy knowing the people on your list are engaged, interested, and eager to support you.
Outgoing Campaigns
With simple, unlimited text messages sent directly to your supporters, you can ensure that they are never out of the loop, and never miss a chance to donate.
With text messages targeted by customizable parameters such as location and donor level, ensure the right people know about events in their area and opportunities to donate.
Support from mGive
We're pretty good at this, and we want to help you. Join up with mGive and enjoy lifetime support, training, blog posts, fundraising ideas, and more to get the most from your staff and supporters.
Proven Success
With the highest open and click-through rates of any type of outreach, Text to Give is the best way to ensure that your message gets through, seen, and acted upon. 

Innovate your marketing strategy while providing your supporters with the creme de la creme of donor experiences. See if you qualify for effortless mobile donations with Text to Give today. Contact Us.
Frequently Asked Questions
Which Text to Give package is right for me?
How Soon Can We Start Using Text to Give?
Why Should I Use mGive for Mobile Fundraising?
Text to Give uses text messaging to direct potential donors to a mobile responsive webpage that accepts credit card donations of any amount.

Text to Give Premium bills the donor's wireless carrier, so the donor doesn't even have to use a credit card to complete their donation. One word, ten seconds: fast, simple, powerful. The easiest way for donors to contribute.

After a short registration process to ensure your organization is in good standing, your standard Mobile Fundraising platform can be up and running in just a few hours. For Text to Give Premium, the carrier billing method, your application may take up to 30 days to be approved by our carrier partners. Note: there are eligibility requirements associated with Text to Give Premium. Ask your advisor!

We are the inventors, pioneers, and world leaders in mobile fundraising, and for good reason: we're the best at what we do. With relationships with all of the major US phone carriers, over 1500 nonprofit partners, and constant service updates and innovation, mGive is ready and willing to set your organization up with the best mobile fundraising platform on the planet.

Not sure which option is best for you?
Complete the form below, and one of our mobile giving advisors will reach out as soon as possible to answer any and all of your questions.

Say hello to the power of 99% open rates
and learn how they will increase your engagement, growth, and fundraising potential.

Reach the next generation of donors that demand innovative technologies.
Now you have the power to reach them anytime, anywhere, on a device they already use every day.

Build your community
of donors, volunteers, and supporters through innovative marketing and fundraising tools. 

We've worked with some of the biggest names in the business, and helped them reach their fundraising goals. Now, let us help you take your nonprofit to the next level. Try Text to Give today and unleash the power of mobile fundraising.


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